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Please consider Benchmarking for 2014, our stats look good in general and we should be putting them out there.

Phoenix Indian Medical Center Receives Prestigious International Award

Arizona’s First Breastfeeding Hospital

Big Congratulations to PIMC!!

ACNM Annual Conference in Denver May 13-17th, 2014

IHS/Tribal Affiliate has been excepted for presentation at ACNM conference in Denver

Abstract Title: Midwifery Wisdom within the Indian Health Service/Tribal Sites Format: Oral Session- Panel
Wednesday  5/14/2014  Time: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM 

Please join us for the third annual IHS/Tribal Affiliate Meeting at the ACNM Conference in Denver

Thursday, May 15, 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM  Plaza Building, Plaza Court 7, Concourse  level

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Outgoing President of the IHS/Tribal Affiliate

Deborah Crabbe CNM, MS.  

Graduated from Georgetown University in 1993.  Worked in a Home birth/hospital private practice 1994-1995.  Started at Northern Navajo Medical Center in 1995 as a Staff Midwife and became the Supervisory Midwife in 2010.  Went to Afghanistan April 28-May 29, 2010 as part of the HHS, IHS Afghanistan Health Initiative.   Volunteer work in Uganda as RN and in Ghana as CNM.  Appointed to the New Mexico Midwifery Advisory Board June 2006 to 2012.  Member of the Breastfeeding Task Force at NNMC 1995 to present and member of the San Juan County Breastfeeding Task Force.  Original contact person for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative moving our facility towards BFHI status.  Serving as Treasurer of the Four Corners ACNM Chapter 19, 2001 to 2012.  Spearheaded the effort to have an IHS/Tribal Affiliate of ACNM, which was approved December 2011.  She retired from IHS Sept 30, 2013 and now resides in Longmont, Co.

Vice President soon to be President Elect of IHS/Tribal Affiliate

Amanda St. Aubin CNM

I graduated from UCSF in 2009 with the hopes of working for an IHS/tribal hospital.  I started working in Shiprock, NM at NNMC in August, 2010.  I grew up in southwestern Minnesota and began my career in women's health by working as an OB nurse in the same rural hospital I was born in.  I've been the secretary of the Four Corners affiliate since the fall of 2010. I am a member of the Education section of the Division of Global Health within the ACNM and have travelled and volunteered internationally with various groups through work, school, and independent organizations throughout my career as a nurse and midwife.  I've experienced working with women in Guyana, Tanzania, Haiti, Mexico, and Guatemala.  Working on the reservation offers many of the same difficulties that I've faced when volunteering in developing countries around the world.  I enjoy the unique challenges of working with Navajo women in IHS.  I assisted Deborah Crabbe in forming the IHS/tribal affiliate because I felt there needed to be a forum for midwives who face similar challenges within the ACNM.  


Treasurer of IHS/Tribal Affiliate

Linda Barnes CNM, MSc

Earned her MSc at Columbia University in New York and practiced with MIC and NewYorkUniversity at Bellevue Hospital for 12 years.  She was ACNM New York Region treasurer for several years before moving to Colorado in 1999.  After working internationally in Kosovo and Afghanistan between 2000 and 2007 she started working for IHS at Fort Defiance and Chinle.  She resides in Durango and continues to work part-time at Fort Defiance.

Secretary of the IHS/Tribal Affiliate of ACNM 

Madeline Powers, CNM

I graduated from Frontier University in 2010 and have been with the IHS in Shiprock for over two years. I am the new Secretary for the IHS Tribal Affiliate and am happy to participate in the ACNM in this new role. In the past, I have worked in both hospital and home health settings in the maternal- child field. Over the years I have been a licensed massage therapist practicing traditional modalities and energy work, which is helpful in my midwifery practice. I moved here from Lafayette, Louisiana and besides practicing midwifery in a wonderful setting, playing music is one of my other life’s pleasures!

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